Contractor Building Wall Framing Inside Newly Renovated Bathroom.

At Edmonton Partitions, we can provide you with services to effectively divide your basement into separate spaces, as well as to maximize the stability of your structure. There are many benefits to altering or creating basement framing, including the addition of living space for yourself, guests, or tenants, as well as a potential increase in the value of your home.

Because of the complexity involved in basement framing, and the various steps that must be taken to maintain the safety, value and appearance of a structure, this is a project that should be left to professionals to undertake. Due to the positive results associated with basement framing and renovations, an investment in these services is one that will benefit home owners greatly.

Our team of experts can work with you to create a functional, pleasant environment that suits your needs and contributes to the safety and durability of your home. We can provide framing services based on your requirements and the needs of the foundation of the home. It is our goal to provide you with reliable service that will enhance the quality of your space.