We offer mudding and taping services to complete or update your drywall project. Mudding and taping in an essential procedure in which the drywall is given a smooth appearance. Because this process requires a significant amount of time and expertise, it is best for professionals in the construction industry to perform these tasks.

The process of mudding and taping involves the application of fiberglass tape, which is easily attached to walls and helps prevent cracks in drywall, or paper tape, which is flexible and ideal for the corners of a room. The tape is then applied over joints situated between portions of drywall. The next step will involve covering the drywall and other materials with a mix called joint compound and allowing the substance to dry.

There are many benefits to investing in mudding and taping, as well as hiring professionals to do the work. These include a finished look that will appeal to home owners, potential buyers, who may consider a home to be a worthwhile purchase if it has been well maintained, as well as visitors or clients. Hiring professionals to perform this job is also beneficial because of their familiarity with different kinds of products and techniques.
At Edmonton Partitions, we are dedicated to the upkeep and restoration of homes and commercial spaces. Our team will work to ensure that your mudding and taping services are performed with attention to detail, and with the assurance that the highest standard of work possible will be maintained throughout the project.